That’s why we help you buy based on:

Make A Move, Make A Change 

We know that nobody loves the idea of moving, but we do know that a new home can bring with it substantial opportunities for positive change.

Whether it’s downsizing elderly parents, or buying a historic home, here’s what we do to make the process easier for you:


Knowing your Needs

We don’t think your agent should just assume what you need, which is why we do our work to get to know you, your needs, your time frame, and what works for you.


Knowing the Areas

For us, Toronto is home. For you, partnering with a local expert means knowing exactly where you can find the most value, the most convenience, and buying a historic home (or buying a condo) that suits your needs.


Knowing the Homes

A precise eye gives us a unique perspective on the architectural significance of Toronto homes. Whether it’s identifying the nuances of Victorian homes in Toronto, or the finishes in a new building, we see it all.


Knowing the Score

Last, but not least, is that you need experts in your corner who can maintain a comfortable pace – while knowing how to speed things up when needed. The market moves fast, and we know how to have your ducks in a row when the timing is right to strike.

They took the time to get to know our specific needs as we searched for the perfect condo for our situation.

- Dr. Nan Okun and Dr. Vlad Dzavik

Who We’ve Helped…

Norman and Anita were fantastic to work with.

They took the time to get to know our specific needs as we searched for the perfect condo for our situation.

We never felt rushed or pressured. They really had our back when it came to representing our financial interests, and their attention to details that demonstrated that commitment was very comforting in an environment of often pressured and emotional transactions.

We will definitely call on them again.

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Looking for The Right Fit?

We are dedicated to working hand in glove to make your needs a priority. Let’s start with a simple conversation to learn more about one another.

We’re Listening

When it comes to buying a historic home, buying a condo, or buying a new home in Toronto, we know that a broad scope is what helps our clients come to a final decision. We will open you up to your options, while never pushing you in one direction, so you can own your decisions with pride.

Downsizing Specialists
Bostok Hathaway are Accredited Senior Agents who have expertise in the special needs of seniors. If you have been thinking of downsizing, or downsizing elderly parents, we can help put you in a situation that works – while respecting your wishes along the way.

a search that suits you.


you to the right people for help.


to get the best price.


you know your way around.


your next move seamless.

It Takes Time…And It Should.

We want to help you manage your needs, allowing all the time you need to find the product that works best for you. When the time comes to make the important decisions, we want you to know the whole story – so that turning the page is easy.

Let's Get Started

Whether you need to act fast or take your time, we’ll identify the best space, location, and solution that’s right for you.