A Slice of History

Who would have thought that the first residents of Cabbagetown would gift it such an enduring legacy? The Irish settlers who came to this area not only gave this area its distinct architectural footprint, but the name itself was born from the cabbage gardens which generously sprouted from their front lawns.

The Homes You’ll See

An area that takes pride in its history, Cabbagetown homes are often lovingly preserved, Victorian-style residences (the largest footprint of such homes in North America) that shine with an ebullience that is rarely seen in surrounding Toronto neighbourhoods. That’s what makes Cabbagetown real estate so coveted – as each home houses its own treasure trove of nuances and finishing touches.

The Community Feel

The civic pride of residents is evident even as you walk the streets of the Cabbagetown historic district – you may come across historical plaques commemorating the area’s famous residents, or simply friendly neighbours waving hello. It feels like living in a bygone area, but the folks who make up this area allow the past to be preserved while helping guide the area into the future.

The Local Gems

We love living in Cabbagetown because of how convenient it is for area residents. You can walk, bike, or grab the streetcar downtown. You can also head to Parliament Street and check out some of our favourite spots: F’amelia Italian, Beer and Batter Fish & Chips, the House On Parliament (lovingly referred to as “the HOP”), or the lively Jet Fuel Café for your morning cup o’ Joe. Don’t forget beautiful Riverdale Farm (the site of Toronto’s first Zoo), Allan Gardens or Riverdale Park West for a quiet moment of contemplation!

The Perfect Situation

Families and couples old and young make up the residents of Cabbagetown homes, thanks to the area’s unique energy. If you care about your community, or you’re seeking a village feel within a large city, living in Cabbagetown is for you.

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