A Slice of History

Unlike the planned communities of Lawrence Park or the Kingsway, Rosedale-Moore Park’s development was “haphazard,” taking place over the years, and in bits and pieces. Because of the varied topography, the layout of the roads avoided typical grid design. Roads here curve, crisscross, and meander in a way only attractive to seasoned navigators (and not those prone to getting lost).

The Homes You’ll See

From the latter half of the 19th century, all the way until today, Rosedale homes have often been built and designed by Toronto’s most prominent citizens. That means you’re just as likely to find glorious mansions and modern semis, as you are to find townhomes and low-rise apartment buildings.

The Community Feel

Living in Rosedale is living in one of the most uniquely residential areas in all of Toronto. Don’t just take our word for it, though, and head for a stroll through any of the area’s beautiful parks or ravines, like the Moore Park Ravine which runs from Mount Pleasant Cemetery to the Don River and Evergreen Brickworks.

The Local Gems

Rosedale locals love the amount of green space that you can find in the area – from aptly-named Rosedale Park all the way to the Evergreen Brick Works (just a short jaunt through Chorley Park’s trail system will get you there.) Grab a quick bite or something for dinner at Summerhill Market, and simply enjoy the twists and turns and stately homes of this residential enclave tucked away just outside of Downtown Toronto.

The Perfect Situation

Rosedale real estate offers a host of opportunities for all kinds. Larger families, and even downsizers, will find great opportunities to find their ideal living situation. People enjoy living in Rosedale because of its unique energy – and they find their ideal home from there.

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