Our approach is based on:

Your Home Is Your Heritage

For you, your home is a statement. It’s a treasure trove of memories and a place you’ve come to make your own. Selling historic homes, whether in your heart or in the history books, is what we do best.

That’s why you need to work with professionals who do their work based on:


Neighbourhood Knowledge

Toronto is our home, our muse, and our passion. We love everything the city has on offer, and have turned that love into knowledge of its streets and skills in selling historic homes, new builds, and condos.


Market Insight

With vast neighbourhood knowledge comes a real understanding for the market, why homes sell, and what they sell for. No matter how things change, we’ll keep you up to speed.


Renovation Expertise

When it comes to older homes, we prize the details and the structural nuances that can fetch more – like those you might find in Victorian homes in Toronto. We appreciate the finer points of your home, and how valuable they can be to potential buyers.


Client Care

Selling your home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We believe in a process tailored to you, and your residence, because the best outcome is one where you feel most in control.

They were so patient and kind, even though she must have looked at a million houses.

- Lise

Caring For Our Clients…

When my mother considered downsizing a few years ago, she reached out to Bostok Hathaway.

They were so patient and kind, even though she must have looked at a million houses. When my mother died, I thought they would be the perfect people help sell her home.

Norman and Anita helped with valuing the house and setting a competitive listing price. They coordinated the painting and minor repairs and staged it to look its best.

As a result, they sold the house for over asking and much more than I would have expected. They made a very stressful experience totally manageable.

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We’re Ready When You Are

Interested in reaching out? Have a question or two? We’d love nothing more than to hear from you. Reach out today to get started.

You Might Have Questions…

The role we play in the selling process is delivered with purpose, and with guidance, to serve your needs and your goals. If you have questions, we have answers to help you along the way.

We take our time, because it removes confusion from the selling equation – and helps us reach the same conclusion: A better sale. Whether selling historic homes, or a newly-built condo, we know that a little care can go a very long way.

Helping Seniors Sell
Bostok Hathaway are Accredited Senior Agents. If you’re considering selling your elderly parents home, or downsizing for your parents, we can help ensure that it’s done successfully – and with grace.

strategies to set the right price.


materials tailored to your home.


to bolster your sale price.


in your interest.


and referrals along the way.

We Take Care… So you’re taken care of.

Selling your home shouldn’t be a nightmare and it shouldn’t be a painful transition. What it should be is the next chapter of your life. With Bostok Hathaway, you’ll partner with authors well-versed in telling your home’s story.

Get Started Selling

We will develop a selling strategy based on you, your home’s value, and it’s value to you.