Spruce Up Your Home to Sell

Spruce up your Home to Sell

You’re thinking about selling your house. You lived through a renovation about ten years back and have kept up with the repairs, so it’s in pretty good shape. Still, you want to spruce it up a bit before putting it on the market. Here are a few important things you can do:


You’ve probably heard this over and over again, but it can’t be stressed enough! If a potential buyer doesn’t see beyond all the knick-knacks to the nice granite counters or beneath rugs to the gleaming hardwood floors, you could be selling yourself short. By getting rid of unnecessary items you are opening up the space and allowing your home to shine through. Rooms can appear tiny when they are packed with furniture that’s too large for the space, and rooms that are overly decorated can make one feel claustrophobic. If you have too much stuff but don’t want to get rid of anything because you’re moving into the larger Victorian down the street, you might want to consider renting a storage locker while the house is on the market. On the other hand, if you’re a downsizing senior why not use this as an excuse to purge? This way you’ll have more room to maneuver in your new abode.


You may have the most impeccable taste on the planet. But, when a pastel loving buyer comes into your bright Cranberry kitchen they will literally be seeing red! They might not even notice that you upgraded to the latest Wolf 6-burner. It’s better to keep to a neutral palette and add pops of colour with tea towels, fruit bowls, and small paintings.

Keep it light

This is a double entendre, meaning we want to have the rooms well illuminated and to keep the colours and textures light. Let’s talk about lighting first. If you don’t have enough overhead lighting, add table or floor lamps. Keep the curtains and blinds open, if possible, to bring in more light. Properly placed mirrors can also help to draw light from a window into the room. Lighter colours tend to make spaces feel larger, and darker colours tend to enclose them. Think in terms of white jeans vs. black. Dark is great for skinny jeans, not so much for rooms. The same is true for furniture. You love your dark brown leather sectional because it comfortably seats everyone in the family during movie nights. But the sofa is out of scale with the room and the heavy texture of the leather combined with its dark colour, make the room feel small. Instead, choose a smaller sofa or loveseat, and a couple of armchairs. This will open the room up nicely.


As beautiful as your family is, the potential buyer wants to be able to envision her own family living in the house. Remember, this is only temporary. Move your personal photos to the drawer for now, or pack them so they’re ready to display in your new house!

If you would like any further suggestions, please drop me a line.

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